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Ill answer that one in a thousand years time, if that’s okay December 10, 2007

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Tim Berners LeeRecently the inventor of the World Wide Web Tim Berners Lee appeared for an interview at the IBM developerWorks podcast series.You can read the full transcript of the interview->here
He was asked where he would place his invention historically,in other words how significant he thought was the invention of the World Wide Web, in mans history since the dawn of time.
And Tim Berners Lee,in all humility, which is a hallmark of all great men, replied that he would require atleast a thousand years to answer that question.
How true, isnt it ?. Think of it,since man started using his intellect to develop tools and solve problems, weve had numerous inventions which simplified mans life in ways that have not been done before.
But every great leap in technology from fire to radio has come with a shelf life. Once every hundred years or so comes a technology that renders the previous ones obsolete.
Remember how calculators were once a privelege.The elite few had VCR’s in their homes where they could watch movies , and having a telephone at home was once a luxury.
Then came computers and people got access to calculators, entertainment and communication all from the comfort of their desk.What was once thought of as separate technologies had been merged into a single entity called a computer.
And despite Moores law computers too continue to advance in their capabilities and at the same time shrink in size . We now have computers which can fit in the palm of our hand . These hand held computers are infinitely more powerful than the Analytical Engines, ENIAC’s , and other giants of the yore.
All this leads to one conclusion,we may think that we have reached a zenith of technological innovation,and thinking this is a mistake that many people make,but remember that in the words of Tim Berners Lee “an exponential curve going up can often just tilt over and crash back down again“.It has happened before and may happen again.
The future may be full of surprises for us,things may come up which will change things completely,so expect the unexpected :).
Also, in the interview it was interesting to note that the World Wide Web arose as a result of trying to build machines that can think like humans.
Human beings can store a random association between a place, between what you’re doing at the moment, for example, if somebody walks in with a particularly flavored cup of coffee, then later on when you remember that flavor you remember
what you’re doing just now, it will make an association between flavors, and running your equipment and conducting an interview, totally otherwise unconnected things.
And the World Wide Web was created while trying to program machines to make such interconnections. Sounds straight out of science fiction isnt it ?. But facts can be stranger than fiction.
These things really seem to me as esoteric as the Matrix movies.So,take the red pill Neo, and see how deep the rabbit hole goes !.