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Cool new technology by Microsoft February 13, 2008

Posted by razasayed in general.

You must have heard of hyperlinking documents to one another . Well,thats what the world wide web is all about . But ever thought of hyperlinking photographs to one another ?. Consider the following scenario : On your recent visit to Agra, you have taken the photo of the Taj Mahal.The photo shows how the Taj Mahal looks from the front from some distance. Some of your friends have taken photos of the same monument, which show how it looks from the front at a closer distance than yours, some photos show how it looks sideways,from the top, and also the inside of it. Now, these are all separate pictures.

Now imagine, that instead of having separate photos like this, you could combine all these photos into a single 3-D view of the Taj Mahal . Further imagine that you could combine these photos with a million other photos taken of the monument by people all over the world. You could seamlessly zoom in or out of a photo whether it’s megapixels or gigapixels in size,walk or fly through a scene to see the photos from any angle.

It would be like having a virtual tour of the great monument which would be as real as it gets ! . Thats exactly the technology developed by Microsoft Live Labs and is known as ‘Photosynth‘.

Photosynth allows the aggregation of social picture networks into a completed image in addition to allowing a level of depth that was previously unavailable. The man behind this amazing technology is Blaise Aguera Arcas who is an architect at Microsoft Live Labs . This exciting technology has amazing implications and will fundamentally change our online experience . Check out an impressive video below to see the technology in action .



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