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The Web goes Social…. May 17, 2008

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The Web has come a long way from being centered around websites and content , to being centered around people. And the trend continues to grow by leaps and bounds . Earlier the Web was more like a dynamic storehouse of information where people interacted with the content but were completely oblivious to each others presence , so the online life of individuals was far removed from their day to day life where they could meet their friends , form new one’s, share stuff with each other etc.. Not that these things were not possible but people had to fit their way of life to the Web rather than the Web adjusting itself to people’s lives.

But now its becoming more of like a big party where people join in , make new friends , connect with old one’s , engage in discussions , form communities and share things. So, the online life of individuals now much resembles their life in the real world . This trend has caught on by the introduction of various social networking websites like Orkut , Facebook , hi5 , Plaxo etc..

Social Networking has added a new dimension to the Web experience and has given it the much needed element of human-touch which has made it even more useful and exciting than ever before.
However social networking is something that is currently limited only to a handful of sites like Orkut, Facebook , hi5 etc. so people still have to visit these websites to socialize . So, if someone has a great website it would be great if that person can bring his/her social data to their own websites and thus form an instant online community on their websites itself.

Google is one of the companies whose taking the concept of social networking the way it is now a step further by allowing anyone who wants to add social data to their websites to do so easily without any programming on their part whatsoever . The product is known as Google Friend Connect which will allow anyone with a great website to add social data from various social networks like Orkut, Facebook , hi5 etc, and invite their friends, friends of friends to their website . The updates that happen on a persons website can be automatically posted to their friends in the social networks. Users can do many more cool things with the social data on their website by adding various OpenSocial gadgets .

So Social Networking now instead of being a concept limited to a few social networking websites , would now become an integral part of the basic fabric of the Web , by allowing site owners to tap into the social data out there on various social networks and form instant online communities on their websites . So heres looking forward to a more social web 🙂

Google may use Balloon Technology for their wireless networks. May 13, 2008

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When we think of wireless technology what comes to mind is huge towers and other really esoteric technologies at work . But a company called Space Data has come up with a simple yet brilliant idea of using plain old balloons for implementing wireless infrastructure ! .
The technology involves sending up balloons to extend a long-range cell network, or a wide-area (broadband) Internet network.

The way the technology works is by fitting transceivers inside the balloons and this helps in extending the reach of the wireless networks.
The technology is very cheap and can also help bring wireless service to individuals in rural areas.Space Data believes it can cover the whole country with a WiMax broadband network with just 370 balloons. Compare that with the 22,000 or so towers that would be necessary using traditional methods .

There are a few glitches however , for example the balloons can remain in the atmosphere only for 24 hours and if these problems are taken care of Google could build wireless networks using a 700 Mhz spectrum in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional cell towers.
Now isn’t this a really cool idea ? 🙂