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Making Compiz effects of Hardy work with Via Graphics Chip June 6, 2008

Posted by razasayed in Hacks.

I recently got my hands on Ubuntu v8.04 (Hardy Heron) and installed it on my laptop . However, i was disappointed to see that the compiz effects were not working . Also, there were other problems like doing a log off just gave me a black screen and i had to manually reboot my machine.

The reason was my Via Chrome9 HC IGP graphics chip which is not directly supported by Linux, and requires proprietary drivers provided by Via to be installed .  So , after some googling around for the solution and a lil bit of hacking on my part i finally got it to work . So, here im posting the steps i followed :

Step 1) Download the chrome9.83.40558 driver from Via Linux Portal.

Step 2) Install the driver.

But, after installing the driver, when i restarted X-server (Ctrl+Backspace), i just got an orange screen with yellow stripes and a bigger than normal mouse cursor. The desktop just wont come up.

So, the next steps were…

Step 3) In xorg.conf (located in /etc/X11) , under the “Screen” section , add a new subsection  “Display” as follows :

Section “Screen”

SubSection “Display”

Modes “1280×800″
Virtual 1280 800

Depth 24



Step 4) Now save the file and reboot your machine or restart X.

Thats it ! . The via drivers were successfully installed and all the display problems which i was facing earlier were gone and the compiz effects now worked like a charm.

I hope this works for you too 🙂 .



1. Gerson Barreiros - June 24, 2008

wow, nice.

but on my notebook that trick didn’t work.


CN 896, ubuntu 8.04 and i have no clue what to do.

2. art - July 7, 2008

@gerson: you might also need to add “via” to the WHITELIST variable in /usr/bin/compiz.

3. Sjmacewan - July 9, 2008

Hmmm…I tried this very same procedure a while back and it didn’t work for me. All I find on the internet is people telling me that via chips don’t support compiz at all.

4. razasayed - July 9, 2008

@art : Thanks for pointing that out , i missed out on that one in my post 🙂

@Sjmacewan : Well, its sad that you still have problems making compiz work even after doing those steps . Ofcourse i cant guarantee that the above steps would work on all machines, but id still ask you to verify, just in case you havent, that you have the correct values put in for Modes and Virtual, and also as art pointed out, make sure that you have added “via” to the WHITELIST variable in /usr/bin/compiz.

5. ardy - July 20, 2008

sory my english too bad,

i was installed via driver with command
ardy@ardy$sudo ./vinstall
after then i reboot my laptop and it’s no effect for my graphic, any body help me?

Step 3) In xorg.conf , in the Display subsection set the Modes value to “1280×800″

Step 4) Set the Virtual value to 1280 800.

So, the Display subsection should now look something like this :

SubSection “Display”

Modes “1280×800″
Virtual 1280 800

Depth 24


it’s post i don’t understand, can you share you xorg.conf for me?
i use via chrome9 hc igp 128mb in muy laptop


6. dhruv - December 28, 2009

By the way, what VIA chipset do you use?
Will this work on a K8M890 bases board?

7. Dwi - March 22, 2010

I have tried to make compiz work on my laptop so many times..
but I never get it works…
is there anyone can help me out??
My laptop uses VIA VN896CE+VT237SE Chipset and VIA Chrome9 HC IGP for the VGA..

thanks for reading..

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