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Made my own Firefox extension :) June 23, 2008

Posted by razasayed in programming.

One of the coolest things about Firefox is the ability to extend it to suit your whims and fancy . There are many useful extensions i use myself,and maybe ill cover those in a later post . EZ Login v1.0 is a firefox extension developed by me. It can be used to automatically fill up login forms while logging onto some of the email, social networking and blogging websites . This extension is actually a clone of the inbuilt Firefox login manager,a mini clone actually and its not supposed to be a replacement for it too :). I thought it would be fun hacking out ones own extension for firefox, and so i went ahead and developed this one.

Below are the screenshots :

The only place where i think EZ Login scores over the inbuilt Firefox login manger is that it can automatically fill up Yahoo and Hotmail login forms too , which is not possible by the inbuilt login manger as these sites have autocomplete turned off.  Also, EZ login stores your login details in encrypted form , unlike plain text used by Firefox (unless you are using a master password).

I didnt intend to make something really useful . I just made this in a spirit of fun and also learnt quite a few things along the way. You can use it as a sample in your own firefox hacking endeavors.

Click here to download EZ Login v1.0.

Also, dont forget to download the latest and greatest version of Firefox till date, Firefox 3.

Happy  Hacking ! 🙂



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