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Access the GPRS service of your cellphone on a Linux machine via bluetooth July 16, 2008

Posted by razasayed in Hacks, programming.
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Sometimes when im on the move and also there is no wifi nearby I find it convenient to access the Internet using the GPRS service on my phone . And even more convenient is accessing the same on my laptop. So,here are four simple steps for using the GPRS service of your cellphone on your Linux box via bluetooth. Actually, as they say in Linux “theres more than one way to do it “, there could be other ways of going about this, but this one works for me (and also the only one i tried 😉 ). So here we go…

Step 1) Make sure you have the bluez-utils package installed . If your bluetooth dongle is recognized as soon as you plug it in then you already have this package installed. If not install it from synaptic or by using the following command.

sudo apt-get install bluez-utils

Step 2) Plugin the bluetooth dongle and activate the bluetooth on your mobile.

Step 3) Now, the first time you setup your Linux machine to access the GPRS service on your mobile phone via bluetooth, there are quite a few steps involved , so i wrote a simple shell script for automating the connection setup. Now all that needs to be done is run this script , and voila !, our connection is ready 🙂 .

You can access the script over here. Save it as connect_gprs.sh on your machine . After you run this script , minimize the terminal window where this script is running. To disconnect press Ctrl-C at the terminal.

Step 4) Now, in your browser, assuming you are using Firefox, go to Tools->Options->Advanced->Network. Click on Settings. Then from the menu select Manual proxy configuration . And enter the value for the Http Proxy and Port . Since you are following this tutorial, i assume you already have the GPRS service on your phone . And in that case you can get the values for the Http proxy and port by looking at the access point settings on your phone.

Thats it . Have fun 🙂



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