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Yahoo! India creates ‘Glue’ August 11, 2008

Posted by razasayed in general.

Well, heres something that caught my eye lately . Yahoo! India RnD has come up with a brand new avatar of their search codenamed ‘Glue‘. Launched only in India as a test market, it combines traditional search with visual and relevant data from the web collated from multiple sources in a very intuitive manner.

Intuitive because it has smart algorithms which figure out what you’re looking for – so if you search for ‘Sachin Tendulkar’, you are thrown up his player profile from Cricinfo, stats etc. Search for ‘Maldives’ and you’ll see photos from the honeymoon destination, a map and other relevant data. Similarly, an entry for ‘Infosys’ gives you stock quotes, company info and such. Very clever. Interesting to see how much different search providers are ramping up their technology to compete with “The Great Google” in the search business.



1. Anoop Soman - August 14, 2008

hey great to hear abt Indians.though am not sure abt the idea.I mean to actually keep such specific target.for eg,i may not be searching for tendulkar’s stats.so wud not like to be redirected yo stats page. 🙂

2. razasayed - August 14, 2008

Thanks for the comment Anoop 🙂 . Well, you dont get redirected to any other page, the different categories of search results like stats, youtube videos , pictures etc..are all shown on the same page . You will no doubt see this if you perform a search over there.

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