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Dont Preach Linux. Just Mention it ! October 9, 2008

Posted by razasayed in general.

Im a big fan of GNU/Linux , but if there is one thing that is a huge turn off for me , is seeing some people preach Linux, as if its a religion . These people bash those who use Windows . They allege Windows users to be “Sheep” and refer to Microsoft as “M$” or “Windoze”, which i think more often than not is plain bragging.

But i think this reflects bad on the Linux community , and by forcing people to convert to Linux we might end up intimidating them and hurting their sentiments which might result in them rejecting or even hating it.  I think , a person who has been using Windows all the time will switch over to an entirely new OS, not if it is forced upon him, or if he is ridiculed for using the system he uses, but only if he is truly convinced that the new operating system would work for him .

Here is a nice blog post , i came across which highlights this issue : http://dogbuntu.wordpress.com/2008/07/27/dont-preach-linux-just-mention-it/

So, lets invite people to Linux , instead of ridiculing them for using Windows . We dont need religious zealots , to each one his own…..Free as in freedom 😉 .



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