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Brief-A cool feed reader extension for firefox with feed notifications August 3, 2008

Posted by razasayed in Hacks.
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I was looking for a good feed reader extension for Firefox . There are some excellent “online” feed readers like Google Reader, but i needed something i can use from within firefox without the need to login to some online service. While searching for feed reader extensions i was initially overwhelmed with the number of choices out there . It was difficult making a pick, but finally i decided to go for an extension known as “Brief“, which most people have voted as one of the best feed reader extensions for firefox .

It is simple yet powerful at the same time . The interface resembles that of google reader with features likeĀ  single click bookmarking and tagging . It also has the feature of providing notifications of updates in your list of feeds. This notification feature is what i found missing in the other feed readers i looked at , including “Sage“, which is another good feed reader for firefox.

You can install Brief by visiting https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/4578

P.S. : For all Google Reader fans out there , if you want to get notified of any updates in your list of feeds without having to login to Google Reader check out a nice firefox extension called “Google Reader Notifier