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Programming Quote November 8, 2007

Posted by razasayed in programming.
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“If you’re doing top-down design, you produce a specification that stops at some level of granularity. And you always risk discovering, come implementation time, that the module or class that was the lowest level of your specification hides untold worlds of complexity that will take as much development effort as you’d budgeted for the rest of the project combined. The only way to avoid that is to have your design go all the way down to specifying individual lines of code, in which case you aren’t designing at all, you’re just programming.”


A free operating system that runs within your browser ! November 7, 2007

Posted by razasayed in general.
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Sometimes i cant help but be amazed at the rate at which technology is advancing and touching our daily lives . Things like space travel , instant communication anywhere on the planet , the latest gizmos which were once the forte of science fiction writers have now become common place.

As Arthur Clarke the famous science-fiction author once remarked : “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic “.

Microsoft introduced the desktop to the world , as part of its hallmark Windows operating system . It also delivered a great deal of world class software in the form of a word processor , a spreadsheet package , a presentation manager etc , as part of its Office suite of programs and bet on the desktop being the future.However these applications need to be installed on the computer , which causes problems like me losing my data if my computer crashes. Also, i have to carry my data on media like a pendrive or a CD/DVD or upload it to some place on the web if i need to access the same data anywhere else.

However , Google came by and started delivering applications like a word processor and a spreadsheet package over the web,so now any person having an internet connection could use a wordprocessor and a spreadsheet package over the web (check out Google Docs if you havent heard of this yet) without ever having to install anything on his computer. The files could be accessed anytime, anywhere by the user without the user ever having to install a single piece of software on his computer.

With this trend of web based applications going on i was wondering when will we have an entire operating system available online . And my questions were answered when I recently came across something similar, an operating system that I can use just by using a normal Internet browser !

Sounds too good to be true ? . Well, its called eyeOS and below are a couple of screenshots :

As the eyeOS website says “eyeOS is an open source platform designed to hold a wide variety of Web Applications over it

It has a full suite of applications bundled, some for private use, like the file manager, a word processor, a music player, calendar, notepad or contacts manager, almost anything that you would expect of an operating system . There are also some groupware applications, such as a group manager, a file sharing application, a group board and many more.

All you need to do is to login into your eyeOS operating system (what they call the eyeOS server) with a normal Internet Browser, and access your personal desktop, with your applications, documents, music, movies… just like you left it last time !

However,the goal of the eyeOS project is not to have an Operating System within an Operating System or a browser inside a browser, but it is about removing compatibility issues between applications and operating systems.

So, you can now create and save that important document of yours on eyeOS and later even if your machine crashes , you dont lose any data. Just get on to any system that has internet acess, login to your online operating system , and voila !, you have your file there just as you had saved it last time.

Also, if you use Windows and your friend uses Linux and both of youll are working on a common project, youll can use eyeOS which will let both of youll enjoy the same applications with the same open formats, so that youll can forget the usual compatibility problems between Office suites or traditional operating systems .

Now thats what i call true interoperability ! 🙂 . Check out eyeOS for yourself at http://www.eyeos.org.

With an operating system now becoming an application that can be used off the web , i wonder whether in the future we will need any operating system being installed on a computer at all . Maybe a time will come when hard disks will become obsolete because we wont need to save anything on our machines . As soon as I turn on my computer i would be connected to the Internet, and the operating system would be downloaded to my computer just like a normal webpage. All my applications , files would be saved online and will be accessible by me anytime anywhere !.

Well i think its still a distant dream but a dream worth dreaming , because after all isnt dreaming mans greatest ability ?….Ask, Harry Potter ! 🙂


Wanna play a small prank ? ;) November 7, 2007

Posted by razasayed in programming.
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Heres a nice April Fool prank that you can play on your friends running M$ Windows XP . I coded this program which simulates the formatting of your harddisk . OK, to state in simple terms it just fakes a formatting screen without anything actually getting formatted 🙂 . Just run it on your friends comp and watch his/her face turn white with horror..hehe 😉

And heres an evil genius tip for you….just place the exe of this program in the startup folder , now whenever the computer boots..u know what..muhahahaha .

And having said that you are responsible for the consequences , so please dont flame me if you happen to get bashed up..lol .

To download the source : Click me

To download the exe : Click me

OK, till the next post Adios Amigo 🙂

Make Adobe Acrobat Reader load faster November 7, 2007

Posted by razasayed in Hacks.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of those softwares i just cant live without.However,the startup time can sometimes be a big pain in the a**.So, i thought there must be some way of making acrobat reader load faster, and touch wood , there surely is one ! 🙂 .

There are two reasons why acrobat reader takes such a long time to load.

1) It loads a hell lot of plugins (optional software components) which i dont and may never need.

2) The splash screen.

So here are two simple steps for accelarating the startup time of adobe acrobat reader.

Step 1) To solve the plugins problem just navigate to the folder on your machine where acrobat reader is installed (On my machine it is , C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Reader) . Here you should find a folder called plug_ins where all the plugins are stored. Within this folder create a new folder called Optional (you may name it as you please).

Now,just move all .api files except for EWH32.api, printme.api, search.api to the Optional folder that you created.

Step 2) If you dont want the boring splash screen then just open Acrobat Reader . Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Startup.

In the right hand side window just uncheck ‘Display splash screen’ and ‘Show messages and automatically update’ .

Youre Done ! . Acrobat Reader now loads as fast as notepad ! . Now, wasnt that easy ? 🙂 .

Alright then, goodbye till the next post and heres wishing you a very very Happy Diwali !!