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Writing a DLL in C and accessing it through C# April 16, 2008

Posted by razasayed in programming.
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Dll writing is considered a mystery by many programmers, so i have written a tutorial which tells the reader what dll’s are, what it takes to write one in C, and then access it through a C# program . Hope someone finds this useful. Check out my tutorial at :


Happy Hacking ! 🙂


Bill Gates on him being a dropout April 16, 2008

Posted by razasayed in general.
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Check out Bill Gates talking about him being a dropout at Harvard University, what drove him to leave his education midway and go over to start a company…Mr. Gates finally received his degree after a period of 33 yrs…i just burst out laughing when he says that hes usually called to speak at graduation day events rather than orientation sessions…lol :D…also dont miss Steve Ballmer sitting in the background.

Really cool vid…check it out 🙂

Use your Nokia mobile phone as a wireless webcam ! April 10, 2008

Posted by razasayed in Hacks.

Here is an interesting find that i would like to share with you . Is your webcam currently out of order and you dont have enough time to get it serviced or to buy a new one ?. Maybe you dont have a webcam at all, and you think you wont be using it frequently enough as to justify the expense you incur on buying one.

But there are times when we think having a webcam would have been really nice . Maybe you would like to chat with a distant friend or relative once in a while , or there is some great occasion in your house and you want to share it live with people located far away.

How about getting a wireless webcam completely free ? . “You must be kidding !”, i hear you say . Well , you are in luck 🙂 . Motvik WWIGO (Webcam Whereever I GO) is a completely freeware application that will turn your bluetooth enabled Nokia phone into a wireless webcam that can be used along with a PC/laptop equipped with bluetooth hardware.

The best part is instead of sitting in front of the webcam, you can walk around with the cameraphone, shoot in the next room and still stream video live onto your PC . Sounds too good to be true ?. Well, theres more good news coming . You can use this webcam along with your favourite instant messaging application be it Yahoo Messenger , Windows Live Messenger or Skype ! . You can also use it to share videos on websites like You Tube and Grouper . All this for just 0$ . Now just how cool is that ? 🙂

I myself used this app on my Nokia 6600 and found the video quality good . The product website claims that it is better or comparable to an off the shelf webcam . So head over to http://www.motvik.com to download this cool freeware application and turn your Nokia mobile phone into a wireless webcam ! 🙂